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We‘re all in sales          


When I say sales, what comes to mind? A guy with a big smile, a bigger gold chain, and white shoes at the local Buy Here, Pay Here car lot? Does that bring back memories of a painful experience you had buying a car?

Or, does it make you think  of the Pharmaceutical Sales rep you see walking through the waiting room at your doctors office while you pretend to read a 3-year old Popular Mechanics.

It’s probably somewhere in between those images.

But what about the non-profit group raising money for their cause, or when you go to your boss to pitch a new idea that you know will make the company more money?  How many of you have asked someone out on date? Tell me that wasn’t a sales pitch for some of us.

Whether you think you are or not, you are in sales. You sell yourself when you are in a job interview. Most interviewers decide within the first 15 to 20 minutes of an interview if they are going to hire someone. If they think, “I can work with this person.” and “I like this person.” You will get hired. Again, you are selling yourself.

Don’t believe it? I’m not picking on car salespeople, I used to be one, but have you ever walked onto a car lot and when the salesman greets you, you automatically think, I like this guy, or nope, find me someone else.

So, if you want to succeed, you need to learn to sell. It’s pretty easy. There are many different sale models that have lots of steps, but I think you can break it down to four steps.

1. Qualify – this means making sure the person or organization can provide what you need, essentially can they do whatever it is that you need to complete your part?
2. Build a relationship- This really happens the entire cycle, but you have to start it somewhere and make sure it’s early in the process. Make a friend, make the sale
3. Needs identification – what does the customer need from you and can you provide it. if you can’t help, let your customer know and help them find a solution. They will remember this.
4. Close – Ask for the commitment, whether it’s you selling a car or selling your boss on your new idea

We could spend a lot of time on each of these steps, and maybe we will later, but you should learn these steps if are ever are going to need something from someone else… and you will.

How do you get what you need from other people? Do you consider it a sales process?