Driving lessons = Life lesson

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Moving forward helps you turnxtra - Steering Wheel by peskypescadero

When I started driving, my dad had a 1972 Ford F100. It was my grandpa’s, so it meant a lot to me. It was a great truck. We painted it in the driveway because pea green wasn’t going to wok so we painted it emerald green with a pretty large metal-flake in it that sparkled in the sun. I remember the steering wheel on it being huge, it felt like you were using a hula hoop to steer.

One day, I was driving my dad somewhere when I tried turning the wheel hard while sitting still. While I was struggling to turn the wheel, dad stopped me. He said try turning the wheel after you start moving. It’s easier to turn after you get started moving.
Sometimes you have to start moving forward before you find your true direction. The wheel is easier to turn when you are moving than when you are sitting still.
I’ve been trying turn the wheel again while I was sitting still. Have you ever tried find your direction while sitting still?

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