Go Play!

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It’s time for us to go back outside to play.

Let's go play!

Let’s go play!

There is a lot of research pointing to the fact that kids don’t get enough unstructured play time. You know, outside. I want our kids to have more play time because I simply want them worn out when they get home. I want them to be healthy too. The more they move the better off they are.
Why would the results be any different for us as adults? We sit in offices for 8 hours or more a day, so we’re no different than kids. Kids learn social interaction, conflict resolution and other social skills from play. We could probably take a few lessons to help our social skills. Let me make a dubious correlation. Many kids coming up right now do not adequate social skills and they don’t know how to play (Outside at least). They didn’t learn and we didn’t teach them.
Who am I advocating go outside and play? Kids? Adults? The answer is yes to both!

How do I start to play?

Most of us have simply forgotten how to play. Sure we go to the gym and exercise but that is not playing. Exercise many times is seen as a punishment for eating that extra helping of dinner. Maybe if was more like playing we’d enjoy it a bit more and be more likely to do it.
I’m lucky enough to have two extremely high energy kids. Levi is nearly 7 and Paisley is 5. So i’m at no loss for material when it comes to seeing people playing. Watching them run around and play. They wrestle and run with a near reckless abandon. If you don’t have kids to watch, go to a park, find a shady bench and watch some kids play.
Kids don’t walk in straight lines, they hop over things, jump over cracks in the road and other kid things. You know those behaviors we sometimes try to stop them from doing. Being an adult is way overrated  anyway. I try to play follow the leader with them, but I’m the follower.

It’s hard to play when you’ve forgotten how to do it.

I would love to tell you I was locked out of my house and made to to go play as a child. It wasn’t quite like that. I did like to go ride my bike or skateboard with my friends but there were video games too, Atari 2600 anyone? I played my share of Super Mario Brothers when the original Nintendo came out. Getting outside was a part of what we did but I didn’t go outside willingly every time.
It’s time for us to stop being adults all the time and start remembering how to embrace the kid part of us to get into better shape.
I’m still trying to figure out how to play more myself but I do know one thing. We all need to go outside and .
What is your favorite thing to do outside?

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