Let’s talk about cars

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Z28I was about six or seven years old. My dad worked at a grocery store in a small town in North Louisiana. We were walking into or out of the store, honestly I don’t remember, but I do remember one thing…

This car was passing through the parking lot, it was brown and loud. I felt the rumble in my stomach and I liked it. There was a letter and some numbers on the bottom of the door. “Z-28” I was done. It’s over, I had discovered cars.

I’m not a gear head in the traditional sense, I don’t work on cars all the time. I just love cars (trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, etc.), especially if they are fast, loud, high tech, or really any combination of those traits. That love (infatuation is a good word too) controlled my mind for a long time, many times to my detriment. In college, I had subscriptions to car and motorcycle magazines that got ┬áread a lot more than my text books. I knew engine displacements and horse power ratings for the top 10 and could rattle them off easily. Chemistry notes, not so much, but I digress.
This eventually led me to getting a job selling cars. This would seem like the natural progression for my passion. Many people in car sales will tell you that people who love cars don’t necessarily make good cars salesmen. I’m here to tell… that is absolutely accurate in my case. During my time selling cars, I had a hard time seeing what it was that my customers were looking for, so I just gave them everything I knew. I did however, come to learn a great deal about the business of cars and I truly enjoy looking at cars, seeing how much they sell for, doing my own evaluations on used cars.
I’m going to do a series of posts going over the process of buying a car. I really believe that this should not be a painful process and I can help with making it easier. I have been on both sides of the table, as it were, and have seen/heard just about everything that can happen in the process.
There are a couple of steps when picking out and then buying a car:
  • Picking the car
    • Weighing want versus need
  • Finding the car
    • near or far
  • Evaluating the car
    • The Car Fox has a point
  • Valuing the car
    • Let’s put a number on it
  • Negotiating
    • Let the games begin (this is my favorite part)
So sit down, buckle up, and I’ll take you through the process
Have you had a good experience buying cars in the past or was it less than ideal? Let me know in the comments below.

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